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Pre-arrival testing guidance

Thank you for sending us the results of your pre-arrival screening for COVID-19. We understand this took effort on your part, and we want to thank you for taking this extra step to keep IU safe.

If your test was NEGATIVE, you can continue to plan to arrive on campus on your scheduled move-in date. Please keep a copy of your results for move in date and for your records.

If your test was POSITIVE, please follow these instructions:

DO NOT come to campus. You will need to isolate until you are no longer infectious. If you are scheduled to move in on a given date, please contact the team responsible for move-in dates on your campus immediately, because you will likely have to reschedule your move-in date based on the following criteria:

  • If you have/had symptoms consistent with COVID (see CDC website for list of symptoms since your positive COVID test, you cannot come to campus until 10 days after the onset of your symptoms AND you have had no fever in the last 24 hours with improving symptoms.
    • Example: You were tested on August 1st. It was positive. You developed a sore throat on August 2nd. You can come to campus on August 12th, if you have not had a temperature greater than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit without fever reducing medications (like Tylenol or Ibuprofen) since August 10th and your sore throat has improved.
  • If you have not had symptoms consistent with COVID (see link above), you can come to campus 10 days after your positive test.
    • Example: You were tested on August 1st, but have been feeling fine. You can come to campus on August 11th, assuming you never developed any symptoms consistent with COVID. If you do develop symptoms of COVID, you must wait 10 days after your symptoms developed prior to returning to campus AND must be fever-free for 24 hours AND have improving symptoms prior to coming.

***Regardless of whether your results were positive or negative, please bring your test results with you on your move-in date. This will influence whether or not you need arrival testing.***

Other recommendations for POSITIVE cases:

  • You may get called by your local or state health department who is attempting to advise you on how long to stay isolated. It is important that you comply with their recommendations. If they give you advice that is different from the advice above, please obey whichever time frame is LONGER.
  • Stay hydrated, eat healthy, and maintain a moderate level of activity to help your body heal.
  • Call your healthcare provider if your symptoms significantly worsen.
  • Visit the ER if your symptoms become severe.
  • Avoid exposure to other people in your household who are not already confirmed to be positive. This may mean isolating in your room when possible. Wear a mask if you are unable to distance yourself from others.
  • Clean shared areas and bathrooms daily with any EPA-registered disinfectant to keep others in the house safe.
  • Avoid traveling outside of your house until your period of isolation is over.
  • Let the team responsible for your move-in date know if you are not well enough to move in on time.
  • Stay in communication with your course instructors about your absences from classes.
  • If you have any other concerns please call the IU Call Center at 812-855-4848 (for Bloomington and other campuses) or 317-274-5555 (for IUPUI).

Thank you for helping to keep IU safe!
The IU Medical Response Team