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IUPUC Fall 2020 Return to Campus


In light of the continued community spread of COVID-19 across the U.S. and around the world, Indiana University has adjusted its academic calendar for 2020-2021. This page contains information and links specific to students, faculty and staff at IUPUC.

Changes in the academic calendar 

  • Semester start and end dates remain the same.
    • August 24: start of fall semester
    • May 9: end of spring semester
  • Fall courses either conclude by Thanksgiving or shift online following Thanksgiving for the remainder of the semester. For courses requiring proctored exams, those exams will take place prior to students leaving for Thanksgiving break.
    • Students will not return to campus after Thanksgiving break until February 8, 2021.
  • Spring courses begin on January 19 with the first three weeks of instruction online followed by on-site teaching starting on February 8.
  • New online Winter Session will allow students an opportunity to take classes between Thanksgiving and February 5. These additional "sessions" may overlap with current semester courses during Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Fall and spring breaks have been removed from the calendar to accommodate the new schedule.

View the Fall Academic Calendar

Course Formats


IUPUC’s plans for instruction include a combination of online and in-person learning experiences. The format and length of each course is primarily dictated by its learning goals, though class size and social distancing also play factors in the determination.

  • Distance Synchronous Video: These courses are taught using live synchronous video (e.g., Zoom, canvas conferencing, or skype) and require students to log in on specific days at specific times or to engage face-to-face in order to have real-time interaction with their instructor.
  • Hybrid - Distance Video & Online: These courses combine asynchronous online instruction and synchronous instruction. Students will not be required to come to campus. Portions of the course will be completed asynchronously, and synchronous portions will require students to log in at specific times on a regular basis to participate in class.
  • Hybrid - On Campus and Online: These courses combine asynchronous online instruction with regular required face to face on-campus class meetings. Portions of the course will be completed online, and portions will require students to come to campus on a regular basis to participate in class. In accordance with social distancing guidelines, students may be asked to alternate days for face-to-face meetings depending upon available classroom space.
  • In Person: These are traditional courses in which almost all contact hours are delivered face-to-face in a classroom, laboratory, or studio, with up to 25% of content delivered asynchronously or synchronously online.
  • 100% Online: Students will never be physically present with the instructor. They can interact with one another asynchronously through discussion forums, recorded video, chat, and scheduled meetings

Syncronous vs. Asynchronous Online Education

  • Synchronous online education is a type of online education that provides flexible access to content and instruction from any place, but at specific times. Students must be electronically present simultaneously with the instructor to receive instruction, typically delivered through live video.
  • Asynchronous online education is a type of online education that provides flexible access to content and instruction at any time, from any place. Students do not have to be physically or electronically present simultaneously with the instructor. Instructional content is intentionally designed and delivered asynchronously to replace classroom instruction time (contact hours) between the student and instructor. 

View the Fall 2020 Schedule of Classes

Health and safety procedures

A number of strategies designed to mitigate risk and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in Fall 2020 and beyond will be implemented, including:

  • Cleaning protocols
  • Managing room capacities and schedules
  • Maintaining safe distancing
  • Wearing masks
  • Regulating personal health checks
  • Quarantining when necessary

In addition, IU has announced a statewide partnership with IU Health to provide all IU students, faculty and staff with comprehensive COVID-19 symptom checking, virtual visits with a health care professional, and testing with continued monitoring when needed.


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